The Hungarian - 90 Goose Down - Down Surround Pillows

Goose Down - Down Surround Pillows Outer - 90% Goose Down Cluster Inner - 100% Goose Feathers Standard Size Pillow

Product details

Luxury Goose Down - Down Surround Pillows
This Hungarian Goose Down origin filling has been processed by International Down and Feather Bureau member and imported by Danish Eiderdowns( IDFB Member).
Outer - 90% Goose Down Cluster Minimum
Inner - 100% Goose Feathers
No down is processed / imported from China
Our Down selections are tested by IDFB's certified member IDFL (International down and feather testing laboratory, Europe and USA).
100% Cotton Japara Downproof
Hypo Allergenic Product
Double Hemmed Casing
Brand new. Filled in Australia from imported materials
Oeko - Tex Standard 100 label ensures no harmful chemicals are used in the manufacture of this casing.

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