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Welcome to The Feather Factory website.
All our Down quilts Down pillows and cushions are filled in Australia with imported materials to suit consumers requirements.
All products are produced by The Australian Accredited Member To The International Down & Feather Bureau ( Danish Eiderdowns ).
No Downs are processed or imported from China.
Our rejuvenation & cleaning service is fully available.
We do not dry clean quilts & pillows.

Your Guarantee Of Quality

Our 50 years experience in down and feather quilt cleaning and quilt rejuvention in Australia assures
all our clients of a good, healthy nights sleep.

Down Quilt Cleaning & Feather Quilt Cleaning
Price list

Choose From 4 Services

1. Total Refresh - Double Wash - Laundry Service

Note - Filling is not removed for seperate treatment in this service.
Note - Pick Up / Delivery is NOT availble for this service.

S.B- $50 D.B- $55 Q.B- $60 K.B- 65 S.K- $75

2. Double Wash , Loft & Top Up

Top Up 30% Down / 70% Feather.
Applicable to most casing styles.
Note - Filling is not removed for seperate treatment in this service.

Single ( 100gms Top Up ) $90
Double ( 150gms Top Up ) $115
Queen ( 200gms Top Up ) $130
King ( 300gms Top Up ) $145
Super King ( 400gms Top Up ) $170

3. Deluxe Quilt Cleaning , Refresh & Loft Service

A "Complete" clean of your quilt including removal of filling (pending casing style) and washing of your casing to be refreshed for another 12 months.
Single , Double , Queen , King , Super King
$ 130

4. Deluxe Down Quilt Cleaning & Top Up - Recase ( if required )

Down Quilt Rejuvenation: The "Original " service with a full filling treatment where your feather/down is removed ( pending casing style )
washed, dried & lofted. We then top up your quilt with equal quality to content supplied bringing it back to it's original
warmth then re-filled back into your cover. Our cover treatment involves your 100% cotton downproof fabric cover being cold washed ( to prevent shrinkage ) with a mild detergent to allow the feather/down to loft once re-filled back into cover.
The option of a new japara cover is also available in either a walled/ channelled or cassette boxed style.
Note: For casing style or quilt size changes price available upon inspection.

Down Quilt Cleaning Prices with Top Up

Single ( Top Up 150 gms ) - $150
Double ( Top Up 210 gms ) - $165
Queen ( Top Up 300 gms ) - $180
King ( Top Up 340 gms ) - $190
Super King ( Top Up 410 gms ) - $200

Down Quilt Cleaning Prices with Top Up ( as above ) & New Japara Cover

Walled/Channelled Style - Top Up
S.B- $190 D.B- $225 Q.B- $250 K.B- $265 S.K- $300
Cassette Boxed Style - Top Up
S.B- $210 D.B- $245 Q.B- $270 K.B- $295 S.K- $330

Down Pillow Cleaning & Feather Pillow Cleaning

Down Pillow Cleaning Price list with New Japara Cover & Top up
Feather Pillow Cleaning Price list with New Japara Cover & Top up

A "Complete" cleaning of your filling. Recase and Top Up to original quailty.
1) Standard Size 48x70cm- $ 65
2) European Size 62x62cm- $ 82
3) King Size 50x90cm- $ 82

Other Down & Feather Products for Rejuvenation

Prices upon request

Pick Up / Delivery service- Melbourne Metro (Most Areas)
Common General Courier
5 Day Service- $41

Australia wide delivery service - Australian postal charges apply

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