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Feather Factory Quilts and Down Pillows come with
our 45 years experience in the down and feather industry in Australia.

Full International Down & Feather Bureau member - Danish Eiderdowns (Supplier)

Down Blends, Ethics and Standards

All our suppliers of materials are members of The International Down and Feather Bureau (EST Paris 1953) eg: Danish Eiderdowns
(Not to be confused with IDBF)

Our Down selections are tested by IDFB
- certified member International Down & Feather Testing Laboratory Europe , USA.
We source our highest quality down from :
Germany , France, Hungary, Poland, Russia and North America - Veterinary Certificates.
Authentic - Made in Australia products from imported materials.

We do not manufacture in CIS (Chinese Industrial Standards) down fillings.

Downpass - Audited partner companies ( Not to be confused with Down Pass )

The Most Popular Authentic Recognised Down Selections:

- Veterinary Certificate

All pillows available as a soft , medium or firm fill weight.

All Australian sizes - Standard , King or European.

USA sizes available are Standard , Queen or King.

Special sizes also available.


1.Hungarian Goose Down - European Down Deluxe

This filling continues as the number one quality filling worldwide.
95% Down - 800 to 900 Fill Power
90% Down - 650 to 800 Fill Power

2.Polish Goose Down - European Down Deluxe

High demands classifies this as the ultimate down filling for quilts & pillows.
95 % Down - 800 to 900 Fill Power
90 % Down - 650 to 800 Fill Power

3.Goose Down - European Down Deluxe

Always in high demand as a quality filling.
85% Down - 650 to 800 Fill Power

4.Duck Down - European Down Quality

Endless duck species from Mallard to Muscovy down has always been a good regular quality source for bedding products.
90% Down - 450 to 800 Fill Power

5.Russian Goose Down

From thwe coldest regions of Russia. Always a quality down & feather filling.
95 % Down - 800 to 900 Fill Power


100% cotton fabric recommended

All Down Pillows feature -

100% Cotton Downproof
Hypo Allergenic treatment
Oeko - Tex 100 Ecologically Safe guarantee textile label
Humane practice of animal welfare laws in place (non live plucking)

Feather Factory

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