Feather Wrap With FOAM CORE - Remake and New

New & Remake Cushions - cost as above Remake / Recase / Rejuvenate / Top Up 100% Duck Feather Wrap With Foam Core 100% Cotton Japara down & feather proof fabric. Comfortable Furniture cushion for seats. A regular re-fluffing of cushion is recommended. All cushions are made to your cushon cover sizes.

Product details

New & Remake Cushions - cost as above
Remake / Recase / Rejuvenate / Top Up
All cushions are made from your cover size.
Cushions are made slighty bigger than cover sizes supplied for a full fitting cushion inner.
All inners have internal and external wall/partitioned that prevents migration of filling as well as giving a luxurious rounded inviting appearance.
Filling - 100% Duck Feather with Foam Core
All cushions are Australian Company Made Product.
Delivery - Ex factory within 14 working days from cleared payment.

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