Goose Down Quilts - 90 Goose Down Quilt - Winter Warmth

Goose Down Winter 5 Warmth 90% Down

Product details

German Imported Goose Down
Luxury White Goose Down Quilts / Duvet
Goose Down 90%. Down Cluster Minimum
Balance Goose Feathers
All down processed by International Down Feather Bureau member and imported by accredited Australian member Danish Eiderdowns
Our Down selections are tested by IDFB's certified member IDFL (International down and feather testing laboratory, Europe and USA).
Boxed Cassette Construction or
Dimple Ring Stitched Construction or
Walled & Channelled Style Construction.
100% Downproof White Cotton Supersoft
High Tread Count 133 x 100 40/40
Fill Weights - Single - 550gms , Double - 650gms ,
Queen - 850gms , King - 950gms ,
Super King - 1100gms
Double Needle Stitching
Hypo Allergenic Product
Brand New.
Filled in Australia from imported materials by Australian Accredited IDFB Member.

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