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Goose Down Pillows
Duck Down Pillows

Polish Goose Down Pillows
Hungarian Goose Down Pillows
800+ Fill Power
650 Fill Power

USA Down Pillows

Down Blends and Standards
Our Down selections are tested by IDFB's ( International Down Feather Bureau )
certified member IDFL ( International Down & Feather Testing Laboratory Europe , USA. )
We source our highest quality down from :
Europe (Germany , Hungary and Poland) and North America.

We do not manufacture in CIS (Chinese Standard) down fillings.
100% Down - Some countries ( mainly Asian ) permit 100% Down labelling on products as there is a 10% to 15% tolerance allowed. Eg : Actual filling contents 85% Down = 100% Down label.

5 Star Down selection standards used in manufacture
JIS - Japanese Standard
EN - European Standard
USA 2000 - American Standard
AS - Australian Standard  

Hungarian Goose Down
European Goose Down
Polish Goose Down

Buyers Guide - Quilts, Duvets, Comforters
43 years of manufacturing experience.

All our 5 star quality filling when cleaned and processed to the following world standards-
JIS - Japanese Standard
EN - European Standard
USA 2000 - American Standard
AS - Australian Standard
The above are generally regarded as better quality filling standards
than the CIS (Chinese Standard) made products.

Australia - Blanket warmth guidance selections.
Europe - Class 1 down quilts recomended. Class 1 as used in Europe should display EN12934 label.
USA - Fill power buyers guidance preferred.

Down Quilts & Down Comforter products are manufactured at our Melbourne ( Australia ) factory for following world markets -
USA , Europe , Middle East , Japan.

100% cotton fabric recommended
The lighter the fabric , the greater the warmth without weight for better comfort.

Down percentage , fill weight and fill power are the most respected and
commonly used down & feather standards world wide.
Down Percentage - Fill Power
95% Down = 800 to 900
90 / 10 = 650 to 800
85 / 15 = 550 to 650
80 / 20 = 450 to 550
70 / 30 = 400 to 450

Tog rating as used in Great Britain is a warmth rating only. It does not relate to down quality.
Tog rating should display authentic BS4745-1990 label on product.

All Down Pillow & Quilt Products feature -
Hypo Allergenic treatment
Oeko - Tex 100 Ecologically Safe guarantee textile label

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